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intelligent SOLUTIONS!

MODULAB develops its own software solutions around the topic of building 4.0 .

This increases planning efficiency and ensures that the project runs smoothly.


With our "Planen und Bauen - Planning and Construction" - software , initial project drafts can be visualized in next to

no time with just "one click" .This means that decisions about feasibility and profitability can be made in a very short time.


MODULAB customers will therefore be able to assess the exact cost and time frame of a proposed project within a

relatively short time and at a very early stage of the planning.


We would be happy to demonstrate our solutions to you in a personal meeting and also analyze your building project.

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The federal government of Germany is making BIM the standard for public sector projects from 2020.

MODULAB implemented the BIM standard right from the start and focused on it

Digitization keeps setting new standards. Instead of meeting the minimum standard (BIM Level 1)

MODULAB already meets the BIM Level 3 requirements.


From the digital planning and control of our production through to the construction on site MODULAB

has established a digital workflow. This ensures the highest possible quality in production

with simultaneous cost reduction in an extremely short construction time.




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